Absolu Shea coconut 100% Organic


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The only cosmetic treatment composed only of pure organic shea butter and 100% organic coconut oil certified Ecocert Cosmos Organic, highest organic certification! NO PERFUME nor Additives, water, or preservatives.

Coconut Shea Absolute offers you extreme hydration thanks to the combination of 100% organic untreated shea butter naturally rich in Vitamins A, D, E and F and 100% pure organic coconut oil untreated rich in minerals, fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C, and F.
Coconut shea absolute nourishes the skin in depth, fights against atopic and sensitive skin, revitalizes tissues and restores elasticity to the skin.It is also ideal for weakened and damaged hair thanks to the repairing properties of Pure organic coconut. It is also perfect for frizzy hair that it disciplines and nourishes deeply.
For whom: Dry, dehydrated, irritated, chapped, damaged, mature, fragile, sun-exposed or baby skin. Dull, brittle, colored, frizzy or split hair.

Dosage: Heat between the hands and apply to the body and face. We love to leave it on the tips of our hair overnight or as a full mask, perform our 2 shampoos the next day and admire the results.


no known contraindications


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